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on Jun 9th, 2013
about: graphics, haxe, processing
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I’m rather new to giving talks and this year gave me a couple of occasions to practice.
here are most of the resources I’ve used & shown for the Processing & Haxe workshops.
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AUGXL session feedback & material

on Dec 8th, 2010
about: actionscript 3
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on the 17th of november, I had a chance to give my very first session about Flash at the AUGXL, in Amsterdam.
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CRMA 2011 workshop feedback & demos

on Dec 8th, 2010
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as mentioned in a previous article, I had a chance to give a workshop to the CRMA students.
we spent 3 days working with Flash, on graphics thingies and it was just great!
those students are really skilled and once they’ll be out of school, there will be no job left for me on the market of creative coding … bastards…^^
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on Oct 13th, 2010
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a quick note to thank everyone who took some time to vote for me to be part of the next FOTB.
it meant a lot to me, I did all I could and asked you (reader/followers) a lot.
it wasn’t enough though, I didn’t make it.
I’m glad, Tom, Tomek & Andreas are back for more next year ! I’ll be there, front row.
just wanted to thank you all for your support.

now back to work!
the official videos have been updated today :
and this would be me :)

my speech goes from fake self-confidence to approximate explanations and ends up in an unclear gooey mess.
note to self: “prepare a text and stick to it asshole.”

other videos can be seen there:
and on the official website:
some really cool shit inside \o/

elevator pitch bloopers

bloopers cover
or the bullets that you’ve dodged.
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“I’m not impressed at all…”

dynamic fracture algorithm
my first Flash on The Beach is over, it was one of the best times I’ve had in a long while.
spending 4 days with talented flashers/designers/creatives/devs from around the world is really a unique experience. I had a chance to attend sessions by people I consider to be the best digital artists but also to find myself new heroes.

[update]an implementation of the incremental convex hull algorithm is available here

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180 seconds of glory

on Jul 2nd, 2010
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ooooooooooooooh yeah!

I’m excited as a schoolgirl to announce that I’ll be speaking for a 180 extatic seconds during the next FOTB‘s elevator pitch.
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